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The governance page introduces Board & Advisory Committee Members

Objectives and roles of DHBs

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 created DHBs.  It sets out their objectives, which include:

  • improving, promoting and protecting the health of people and communities
  • promoting the integration of health services, especially primary and secondary care services
  • seeking the optimum arrangement for the most effective and efficient delivery of health services in order to meet local, regional, and national needs
  • promoting effective care or support of those in need of personal health services or disability support.

DHBs are required to plan and deliver services regionally, as well as in their own individual areas.  Other DHB objectives include:

  • promoting the inclusion and participation in society and the independence of people with disabilities
  • reducing health disparities by improving health outcomes for Māori and other population groups
  • reducing – with a view toward elimination – health outcome disparities between various population groups.

DHBs are expected to show a sense of social responsibility, to foster community participation in health improvement, and to uphold the ethical and quality standards commonly expected of providers of services and public sector organisations.

Public hospitals are owned and funded by DHBs.

Board Members

The Board has up to 11 members of whom 7 are elected and 4 are appointed by the Minister of Health by notice in the Gazette for terms of up to three years. DHB Board members are accountable to the Minister of Health, (through the Chairperson of the Board) for the performance of the DHB. 

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  • expand and collapseJenny Black (Chair)


  • expand and collapseChris Mackenzie (Deputy Chair)

  • expand and collapseChris Auchinvole

  • expand and collapseKevin Brown

  • expand and collapseHelen Gillespie

  • expand and collapseMichelle Lomax

  • expand and collapseEdie Moke

  • expand and collapsePeter Neame

  • expand and collapseNigel Ogilvie

  • expand and collapseElinor Stratford

  • expand and collapseFrancois Tumahai

Board Meetings - General Information

During 2018 ordinary meetings of the West Coast DHB will generally be held six weekly on a Friday, normally from 10am. Board meetings are generally held at St Johns, Waterwalk Rd, Greymouth. However, meetings may occasionally be held at other venues around the district.

In accordance with the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000, public notices detailing the date, time and venue of all meetings of the Board and committees are published before board meetings in West Coast newspapers. Notice is also given on the West Coast DHB website.

Agendas are posted on our website two working days prior to each meeting.

Advisory Committee Members

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expand and collapseHospital Advisory Committee (HAC)

expand and collapseCommunity and Public Health Advisory Committee and
Disability Support Advisory Committee